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Welcome to my post where I share my Portugal travel album with you that I made for a trip to the Algarve Coast in May. While on vacation I kept a travelogue for a couple of days (you can read about my experiences here), but I didn't include any photos in there so I knew I wanted to create an extra album. And here it is!

For the title page I chose a photo of a lemon tree and the blue skies and glued it onto a kraft cardstock divider that came with the album. These gorgeous letter stickers are from Thickers and I just love them so much...

I don't remember where it was but I saw someone punch half circles and attach them to patterned paper. I tried to recreate that here and I really like the result.

I choose 6 of my favourite images from the trip, resized them to 2x2 and printed them on one 4x6 photo. Then I cut them out with my circle punch (one of my favourite scrapbooking tools) and cut them in half. Next, I looked for 6 filler cards in my 2x2 patterned paper stash, circle punched them as well and cut them in half as well. I arranged matching pairs and attached them together with my tiny attacher.

Forever in love with grid circles.

This is my current desktop wallpaper (found on Design Love Fest) that I printed on vellum.

My favourite beach.

While I was working on the album, Ali Edwards had a Pinterest giveaway/campaign running, and she offered these pretty travel themed digital stamps for free. I really like her handwriting.

I didn't journal much in my album because of the separate travelogue, plus I kept a lot of notes in my Traveller's notebook. However, I wanted to include some words here and there and I chose to pick 10 highlights from our trip and just wrote some thoughts down. As I like repetition and consistency in my albums, I used 10 small kraft circle stickers, stamped the number and wrote down the name of the place or the activity I wanted to remember.

This photo is special because it shows two amazing gifts from Chris. For Christmas, he gave me an instax camera (yay!) and I shot one film in Portugal. So cute! Second, for my birthday he had a custom stamp made for me which says "Kathi & Chris"... Do I need to say more?

#adventure because we went on a speed boat trip on the Atlantic Ocean to see dolphins.

Magical moments.

This is the last page. Sunset and the ocean.

I was hoping I could fit all of my summer travels into one binder, but with the Portugal pages it's nearly full already...

Thanks for reading, sorry for the photo-heavy post and see you soon!

- Kathi

Supplies I used:

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  1. Oh Kathi, this is just gorgeous! I really love so many of the details along with your awesome ability to keep everything neutral. It's just perfect!

    1. Thanks Mandy, I'm happy to hear you like it! Yes, for me it's always tricky to keep the balance between keeping things neutral and adding some details.

  2. Really beautiful album!!! Love it all!!

  3. This is so fab, Kathi! Seriously love everything about your mini album, and I definitely want to give those circle photos and papers a try! :)

    1. Thank you so much Elise! Yes, definitely give those circles a try!

  4. Wow! Your album is gorgeous!!! Love love love it! Love that you made this photo heavy so that we can see all the details in your album! Love love it! About the free digital themed brush from ali edwards, i missed them all! :( I was away during some vacation...

  5. nice article.. I Like this at all