December Daily 2016 | Day 01


...and here it starts:

December Daily is on!

I'm so very excited to participate in this project again this year.

During the Storytelling with December Daily class I planned out a routine for me to look for, capture and document (=write) my story each day in Evernote - and so far it's going really well. As soon as I have some time to actually sit down and work on my album, all I need to do is copy the stories from Evernote, print them, edit my photos (with A Color Story), print them at home and put everything into my album.

I won't be sharing finished pages here every day, but I'll update the blog every now and then, once I have some new pages in my album.

And this is December 1st. My story for this day is about entering the season, finding the Christmas spirit and starting to decorate at home. I tried to include both facts and feelings (as suggested in Ali's class) and I'm happy to see that "longer" stories find their way into my album.

If you've got any questions about products or processes - don't hesitate to ask in the comments.

I wish everyone a wonderful December with many stories to tell, share and document!

- Kathi

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