Documenting | April 2016


It's December and I finally get around to show you some of my project life catch up!

In 2016, life was busy and I spent most of my creative time on travel albums (my favourite), on "special" projects (like Week in the Life and Day in the Life) and on watercolours. Thus, I sometimes neglected my regular Project Life album. Long story short, I'm still in Project Life catch up mode.

For April, I gathered my favourite pictures of the month (mostly friends & family, dinners, home photos, flowers...) and looked for some light coloured filler cards.

April was also the month in which my blog launched! For that purpose I had made an introduction spread about me in 6x8 that I included in my regular Project Life album:

And that's it! Another month in the books. Yay for progress and thanks for reading!

- Kathi

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