December Daily 2016 Preparations


To be honest, my excitement for December Daily started in July with Ali's past kit sale. I still kind of regret not getting her 2015 kit back then...

Later on, my anticipation grew as I saw everyone else preparing their foundation pages and sharing their intentions.

Well, I can't wait until December - even more so as I'm currently learning more about the storytelling part of it all in Ali's December Daily class.

Today I'm sharing with you everything I did so far: choosing a kit plus several other products for my album (the most fun part for me), setting my intentions and preparing some foundation pages.

This year, I'm going with the mini kit that Liz Tamanaha / Paislee Press designed for Ali Edwards. I pair the papers, cards and embellishments from the kit with things from my stash (mostly last year "leftovers" from Jasmine Jones' and Ashley Goldberg's kits), a couple of newer products that I've been eyeing on for some time plus a couple of basic supplies I always have in hand. 

In terms of an album, I'm still a little sad I didn't get the grey and gold script album from Ali due to the release day madness over on her site. I took my second favourite - the white with gold dots

Here you can see a couple of the embellishments I'm going to use. The chipboard stickers are by My Minds Eye. Unfortunately, most of the elements have glitter on them, which I didn't realise when I ordered them. I'm not the glitter type, so I'll only use some of them.

4x6 cards: I mostly just cut down 12x12 papers into smaller cards. You can see a lot of neutrals and my favourite paper (the black and green pine one), that I also used for my title page.

3x4 cards: I probably won't need as many of these this year because I intend to put either photos or stories into my album. However, some transparencies and vellum cards will find their way into my album. 

I love the look of 2x2 collages, so I already cut down some cards and papers.

Stickers & alphas: phrase stickers (always), some other Christmas motifs, small gold alphas, tiny white alphas, red and white alphas from last year, and the wood alphas from the Paislee Press kit.

Tags, transparencies and other embellishments.

Twine, washi tape and a holiday stamp.

Numbers: That was difficult this year. First, I ordered these gold numbers, but I expected them to be much bigger. So I ordered larger ones in red, however these turned out to be a very dark red, plus they are super shiny and at the same time thin like paper. Not at all what I wanted. I might cover some of them with vellum to mute the shine, but I haven't put any of those into my album yet.

So, this is the title page of my album. I painted white dots onto a regular transparency and on top, placed a white wood veneer that I bought in California last month.

I kept my intentions for this year pretty simple (and they feel personal - sorry for the blur!)

My foundation pages are still rather empty. I filled in a card here and there and a couple of other things like this cute envelope, but that's it. However, I wrote small sticky notes with the date and day of the week.

Tomorrow is the 1st of December and I can't wait to get started with this project!

- Kathi

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  1. Love all your embellishments, so cute!!

    1. Merci Sandrine! Choosing embellishments is such a fun part of the project. Are you doing a December album as well?