Documenting 2016 in 9x12


At the beginning of the year, I started my new project life album (in 6x8 like in 2014 and 2015) enthusiastically with a title page and a manifesto.
Not much happened afterwards for a couple of weeks. I felt uninspired until I found out that my favourite german scrapbooking online shop (Dani Peuss) carried 9x12 albums and supplies. In the end I chose a grey faux leather Seven Paper Handbook album (not available anymore, but the same in gold).

The main reason I hesitated before is that I dislike asymmetrical page protectors - which was never a problem in 6x8. After evaluating my options I went with the available symmetrical page protectors and to mix things up I'm using these 6x12 ones in order to include some 4x6 photos.

But enough talk about pocket sizes, this is my 2016 title page (that I had to redo but whatever) and my plans for documenting 2016.

Supplies I used:

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