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Last week, I shared my blog review with you, where I wrote about my future plans I have for the blog.

At the same time, I'm trying to get my creative projects in order. With limited time for crafting, I'm asking myself what are the projects I really want to make time to create? What about the half finished projects? Which trips/experiences from the past deserve an album? How are my online classes coming along? And how can I actually catch up on Project Life...?

I'm making a list today to gain a good overview of what's in my head (and in my drawers), to sketch out a plan what to tackle first and maybe which other projects to leave how they are (non-existent or not completed), and to hold myself accountable in the coming weeks.

At the end of August, I'm starting a new part-time job and I will hopefully have some time every week to spend on memory keeping. This "Project Plan" is meant to give me an orientation on what I want to accomplish during this time. 

A) Start

Travel albums are my priorities. I feel very lucky to be able to travel several times a year. I love creating albums about these memories because my family and I like to pick up these albums and actually take a look at them (compared to my regular project life that is really more for myself).

Two trips are still without an album:
France road trip 2013
Fuerteventura 2014

This August, I'm adding:
England round trip 2016
Vienna 2016

Day In The Life July 2016: I joined Ali again this July in documenting an entire day. I'm still looking for album inspiration, but it should be a rather quick project.

B) Work on

Project Life 2016: I completed January to March and I want to document/catch up April through August. #letscatchuponprojectlife!

Project Life 2015: A lot of catching up is necessary. I started most of the months but only finished two or so. I'll have to go through all the photos of 2015 again and check which important events still need to be printed and added to my albums (I have three 6x8 albums already). Once they're finished, I could share the months on the blog.

One little word: I took Ali Edwards' One Little Word class this year. I really like it but I only completed the first four lessons. I didn't find the time to participate during the other months. I'd like to catch up on the most important things and continue my album. However, I find it difficult to share these pages here on the blog, because they mostly draw on very personal topics. We'll see how it goes.

Florida 2014 travel album: I started my Florida album in 12x12 a couple of months ago and got overwhelmed by the amount of pictures and stories so I put it in a box and nearly forgot about it. I definitely want to finish it and I already have a plan.

Date night album: Last summer, I started an album to document our weekly date nights. I stopped in January but I might like to add a few nice activities. Maybe I'll share some pages on the blog because I like the aesthetic of the album a lot (using beautiful Paislee Press papers and elements I bought especially for this album).

C) Finish

December Daily 2015: There is one page missing in my December Daily album before I can call it completed. Half an hour activity, just have to get it done. Once it's done, I'll share my album here (probably in November).

D) Done

A few things that I completed could be added to the blog in the following weeks:

Watercolours: I'm currently taking a watercolour class on Creativebug and I couldn't be more excited about it... I'd like to share soon some work in progress and some of the paintings I made during the class.

My selfie scrapbook: It's from last year, but it's done and I could share it here if you're interested.

Lyon mini album: I took Jamaica's explore mini album class on Big Picture Classes and I just love this little album I made.

Kassel mini album: Another mini summer travel album I made last year about a trip the beautiful city of Kassel.

In an overall view, I have to admit that the "start" and "work on" sections are quite big - maybe too much? We'll see how it goes...

In the meantime, I'd like to know what you would want to see here on the blog! More work in progress? More travel albums? Regular Project Life pages? Anything else? I'd be so grateful for your input.

- Kathi

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  1. I think I should do the same thing : start a "Project Plan". It's a great idea

  2. I'd love to hear more about the selfie scrapbook (:

  3. Good idea to map out your projects, Kathi! We seem to document a lot of the same topics/projects, so I'm looking forward to being further inspired by you! :)

  4. I love reviewing my current projects and have done a blog post very similar to this in the past. It always helps to sit down and hash out what is current, what needs to be finished, and what is most important. I loved that you shared this and enjoyed reading it. I'd love to see your selfie scrapbook from last year too! xo

  5. Also eigentlich will ich ja alles sehen!
    Aber besonders interessiere ich mich für das Date Night Album, Watercolors und das Selfie Scrapbook. (:

    Ich wär auch gern so gut organisiert wie du. :X Bin aber irgendwie der totale Anti-Organistations-Mensch. :D Führ ja nicht mal anständig Kalender.