Week in the Life 2016 - Sunday


I am so excited to finally share the first pages of my week in the life album with you! From May 8th to the 15th I joined Ali Edwards and documented a week in my life in photos and words. It was a busy week and definitely not a week like any other but that's how my life is at the moment. So it just felt right to capture this exact week and not wait for a normal one, because there simply are no normal weeks around here.

The week before, I prepared my album a little bit to get a first overview of how many photos I might need and how I want to set up the pages. In the end, I changed that up after seeing how Ali structured her album. Plus I got a lot of inspiration from her finished pages as well as from others (like Elise's beautiful pages).

As you can see above, I started my day (and all the following days) with a full page 6x8 photo where I added the day of the week and date in Photoshop. I always love how full page photos turn out and I definitely have to incorporate that into my regular project life album as well!

Next up I put the dividers that came with the kit and adhered the wood veneer numbers onto it.

On this page, I followed Ali's idea to stick the day of the week chipboard circles into a pocket and place a smaller circle on the back side. I love how this allows some transparency into the album.

I mostly use the cards and embellishments from the kit but from time to time, I like to add some of my favourite papers or elements just to make the album feel more "me".

On Sunday, I took a lot of photos (mostly because a lot happened) so I ended up with more photos than pockets. I inserted the days of the week card outside of the page protector after printing my journaling on the back of the card.

I'm glad I ordered some 3x8 page protectors because they add variety to the pages. Plus choosing a photo that might look great in 3x8 is so much fun!

I intent to end all my days with another 6x8 full page photo.

So this was Sunday! I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my album. I plan on getting the other days finished soon and then I'll share them here as well.

And last but not least the title page of my album. I thought a lot about a fancy title using a photo, or the 2x2 page protector, or some of the embellishments from the kit but in the end I just went with a very simple page relying on my favourite colours: black, white & indigo. This is a watercolour a painted a couple of weeks ago plus one of the stickers from the packaging of the kit.

See you soon for my Monday pages!


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  1. Just wow, Kathi! Your pages look awesome and there are so many things I'm inspired by, like the journaling on the back of the foiled day card and the last 6x8 page for Sunday. I'm touched you found inspiration from me, thank you! :)

    1. Thanks a lot Elise for your sweet words!
      I was actually so happy when I found out how to print onto the 4x6 cards with the right orientation and without touching the borders... :)

  2. Diese 3x8 Fotos! Mega! Das werde ich mir für meine Hochzeitsalben merken. (: Und ich liebe ja dein Titelblatt! Diese Farbe!!
    Ich hab ja immer größten Respekt vor WITL. Allein diese Fotomenge pro Tag, ich würde daran maßlos scheitern! Fotografierst du dann viel mit Selbstauslöser oder fotografiert dein Freund dich bei den Alltagssituation? Meiner würde mir ja n Vogel zeigen. Aber bis ich mitm Selbstauslöser halbwegs n anständiges Foto hinkriegen würde... Willst du nicht mal Tipps geben? (:

    1. Danke Ines! Ja, 3x8 Fotos haben es mir auch gerade sehr angetan.
      Ich benutze in der Tat viel den Selbstauslöser. Ich habe ein Stativ bereit stehen und fotografiere sogar meist im Auto Modus (AV Priorität), damit es nicht so kompliziert wird.